Sainik School Amaravathinagar (Tamil Nadu)

  • The School has so far produced three Major Generals, one Rear Admiral and a number of Brigadiers, Commodores and Air Commodores. Numerous Officers have cleared DSSC Course with flying colours. A large number of our cadets in uniform have participated in UN Peace Keeping Missions.
  • In the Civil life, we have IAS, IPS and IFS Officers, Scientists, Magistrates, Supreme and High Court Lawyers, numerous Doctors, Businessmen and IT Professionals.
  • Mr Davidson, an ex-student, had been selected by UN to train policemen at Kosovo. He had a successful tenure there in training international policemen. Besides this, a large number of alumni have excelled themselves as Principals of Colleges, Professors and teachers.

    Sainik School Balachadi (Gujarat)

  • Outstanding achievements of alumni of reputation. Many of its alumni are in very coveted posts in different walks of life. Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a proud alumnus of this School, has done us all proud by making it to one of the coveted posts – Chief Minister of Haryana. Mr Naresh Raval, All India Congress Committee Secretary, Air Vice Marshal SC Mukul, VM, VSM Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operation), Major General Noble Thamburaj, SM Ex GOC 11 Infantry Division and Chairman of Local Board of Administration of this School, Brigadier Vinay Chona are all the laurels of the School. A good number of them are also excellent entrepreneurs in foreign countries like the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

    Sainik School Bhubaneswar (Orissa)

    Achievements: So far approximately 600 cadets have become officers in the defence forces through NDA alone. In addition many cadets have got commission through other entries. This school also has been honoured by the achievements of its cadets through various civil services like IAS-14, IPS-07 and allied services – 09. Several have become ministers in the State of Orissa and Nagaland. The cadets making foray in the fields of medical, engineering, merchant navy are plenty and doing the school proud. The highest ranking officers are two major generals and one Air Vice Marshal.

    Sainik School Bijapur (Karnataka)

    About 860 of our cadets have joined the officer cadre of our Armed Forces as on date, besides several others in IAS, IPS, KAS and other allied services. Our alumni have also been making immense contribution in the field of medicine, engineering, business and entrepreneurship. Three of our alumni have reached the rank of Major General and its equivalent while two of them are secretaries to the Govt. of Karnataka. Till date eighteen of our alumni have laid down their lives for our Motherland and attained martyrdom.

    Sainik School Chittorgarh (Rajasthan)

    The school so far has given more then 400 Officers to Indian Armed Forces. Besides, a large number of students have made their mark in various walk of civil life rising to the towering position. We feel proud to mention that our school No.1 Cadet Mandhata Singh has recently been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

    Sainik School Ghorakhal (Uttara Khand)

    The school has sent a sizable number of students to the NDA. Number of students have joined IMA, OTA, IAF, Navy, Merchant Navy, AFMC, IAS, IPS, the Coast Guard, IT field, Technical Entry, Banking Services and are occupying prestigious positions in Public and Private sectors. Some of the ex-students are holding prestigious positions in various defence establishments. Their devotion to the duties has earned them different forms of accolades as well, namely VSM, Shaurya Chakra, Vayu Sena Medal and Commendation Cards. In the Kargil Operation Wg Cdr A K Sinha was awarded Vir Chakra for his bravery during helicopter operations.

    Sainik School Golopara (Assam)

    In the 40 years of existence Sainik School Goalpara has contributed immensely to the educational scenario of Assam and the North East and has motivated and trained students to join armed forces. quite a few have been decorted for bravery and meritorious services. Major N Joy Dutta Singh was awarded Vir Chakra (posthumously) for showing exceptional bravery in Jaffna (Srilanka) as a member of the Indian Peach keeping Forces. Lt Col Bikash Ranjan Das has been awarded Sena Medal for capturing a post in Pakistan while fighting in Siachen glacier, the highest battlefield in the world. He was also awarded 'Commando Dagger' for outstanding performance. Omgpi Maung Lang and Gp Capt Atul Saikia have been awarded Vayu Sena Medals. Lt Col Ranjit Talukdar has been awarded Sena Medal. Commander Kamlesh Choudhary was appointed as defence advisor in the high commission of India at Nairobi.

    M. Jarbon Gamblin is presently the Hon'ble Home Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. Air Commodore Atul Saikia, Vayu Sena Medal joined the first batch in 1964 (Roll Number), commissioned into the fighter stream of IAF in 1973. He has served as Air-I of HQ AOC J&K , Staff Officer to AOC-in-C, EAC and SWAC. Air Commodore has been a DS at flying instructors School, Chief Instructor (flying) at Air Force Academy and Principal Director Training (flying) at Air HQ(VB).

    Sainik School Kapurthala (Punjab)

    Our contribution to NDA has been commendable over the years and so far the School has sent 467 cadets to NDA. Besides this, a large number of ex-students have joined the Armed Forces through other modes of entry in the Officers Cadre. The School has the rare distinction of wresting the coveted Defence Minister's Trophy seven times in succession for sending maximum number of cadets to NDA. The senior most alumni of the School have risen to the rank of Lt Generals and equivalents. Besides this, the school has given to the nation a vast array of distinguished Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Bank Officers and Business Executives. All out efforts are made to send maximum number of cadets to NDA. Setting up of NDA Cell, regular coaching classes for USPC NDA Written Exams and SSB Interviews, Motivational Lectures by Ex-GTOs etc are some of the important steps taken to enhance NDA intake.

    Sainik School Imphal (Manipur)

    Notwithstanding the fact that 71 cadets have so far joined the NDA and many other have become Officers in the Armed Forces through other modes of entries, the Old Boys’ Association of the School exhibits ample evidence of the worthy men produced by the School in various walks of life, such as medicine, engineering, banking, industry and civil services.

    Sainik School Kazhakootam (Kerala)

    Over 3500 students have passed out of this institution so far. In the Armed Forces, they have risen to the rank of Lt General and its equivalents. Roll No. 4, Rear Admiral Rajender Singh Kharb, Roll No. 6, Lt General Thomas Mathew, Roll No. 21 Air Vice Marshal S Radhakrishnan, Roll No. 23, Maj General Issac John Koshy and Roll No.38, Maj General SP Sreekumar are Senior Officers in the Armed Forces. Quite a few have been decorated for bravery and meritorious service. Roll No. 71, Col NJ Nair, who was killed in Nagaland by insurgents on 20.12.1993 was a recipient of Kirti Chakra in 1984 for his services at Mizoram and was awarded Ashoka Chakra in 1994 for his services at Nagaland. Lt Col KPR Hari is ‘Kargil Hero’ and a recipient of ‘Vir Chakra’. As a politician, Roll No. 167, Mr. PC Thomas is presently the Member of Parliament from Muvattupuzha constituency. In the field of films, Roll No. 80, Rajeev Nath, Film Director has won the Best Director Award from Kerala State in the year 1978 for ‘Thanal’ and in 1999 he won the Best Director Award from Government of India for his film ‘Janani’. Roll No. 77, Mr. Satishchandran joined All India Radio and he is presently the Station Director, Commercial Broadcasting Service at Trivandrum. Two of our ‘Young Old Boys’ Indrajith and Prithviraj have made their mark as talented actors and are ‘hot favourites’ among the local crowd. Besides donning the uniform of the Services, the Old Boys of the School have excelled in various other fields and brought laurels to the Alma Mater. The alumni have their fair share in the Indian Administrative and Police Service and various other professions like doctors, engineers, advocates etc. A large number of our alumni are in the USA holding important positions. Two of our old boys Major General KR Rao, VSM and Major General S Ashoka Rao, VSM made the School proud when they were recently promoted to this coveted rank of Major General in the Indian Army

    Sainik School Kunjpura (Haryana)

    The alumni of the School have carved a niche for themselves not only in the Armed Forces but also have excelled themselves in other spheres like the Civil Services, Medicine, Engineering, Business, etc. It is a matter of rare honour that Kapoor, Shri SS Deshwal, IPS, Shri A Kochhar, Orthosurgeon and many others are its distinguished alumni distinguished personalities like Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Chief Minister of Haryana, General Deepak Kapoor, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC-(Chief of Army Staff from 1st Oct 2007)

    Sainik School Purulia (West Bengal)

    Achievements of the alumni are too many to enlist individually. Besides hundreds of the ex-students of this institution holding commissioned ranks and safeguarding the national frontier, a large number of them have established themselves as politicians, doctors, engineers, civil administrators, scientists, advocates and businessmen holding coveted posts in the country and abroad.

    Sainik School Rewa (Madhya Pradesh)

    Amongst the alumni of the School, there are about 450 Officers in the Defence Forces, the senior most from the first batch having reached the rank of Major General and equivalent. The under mentioned Sainwinians have distinguished themselves in their military career and won the coveted gallantry awards to bring laurels to their Alma Mater.

    (a) Second Lieutenant Mohindarpal Singh Choudhary was killed in action in the night on 8/9 Dec 1971 in the Eastern Sector while accomplishing a given task of eliminating enemy MMG posts which were halting the advance of own troops. He laid down his life but completed the mission. He was awarded Vir Chakra.

    (b) Colonel(now Brigadier) Baljit Singh Gill-12 JAT, was awarded Vir Chakra on 23 Dec 1971 for displaying commendable courage, professional skill and leadership of a high order during the Bangladesh Operation.

    (c) Major Ratnesh Chaturvedi died a soldier’s death while leading the advance of the battalion near Jaffna on 19 Oct 1987 at about 0900 hrs when the enemy opened up machine guns and automatic fire. He was awarded Vir Chakra.

    (d) Lieutenant Colonel Chandra Shekhar Chaturvedi, Officer Commanding 3 AOP Bn was awarded Uttam Yudh Seva Medal on 26 January 1988 for his dare devil flying in the Siachen Sector.

    (e) Lt A Chaudhary was awarded Vir Chakra in 1988.

    (f) Maj PK Yadav was awarded Shaurya Chakra in 1998.

    (g) Capt Manoj Patel of 7 JAK RIF was awarded Shaurya Chakra in 2001.

    Besides this, the School has given to the nation an array of distinguished doctors, technocrats, bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen who are serving the nation dedicatedly.

    Sainik School Satara (Maharashtra)

    Over 700 of our alumni have joined the Armed Forces as officers and the rest are doing very well in other Civil Organizations.
    President’s Gold Medalists at NDA.

    1) Rajiv V. Kanitkar

    2) Vijaykumar K. Chavan

    3) Vinod Patil

    4) Suhas Gore

    Cadet Vinod Patil an alumni of this school was awarded ‘The Sword of Honour’ at IMA in 2002.

    Cadet Yuvraj Gaikwad bagged the most coveted award of ‘The Sword of Honour’ at IMA in 2004.

    Cadet Abhijeet Kakade won the ‘Sword of Damascus’ at INS Shivaji in 2004.

    Bollywood Stalwants like Rakesh Roshan and Pramod Khanna are
    products of this school.

    Sainik School Sujanpur Tira (Himachal Pradesh)



    Maj Sudhir Walia, SM (Bar), IC-47623, Para Special Forces (School No. 27) was deployed on antiterrorist operations in J&K. On 29 Aug 1999, while leading a squad of five men in a dense undergrowth of Haphruda forests of Kupwara in J&K, he heard some voices, apparently those of hiding terrorists. He silently crawled uphill along with a buddy. On reaching a knoll, he observed two armed terrorists barely four meters ahead, as well as a covered hide out in a depression 15 meters below. The brave Officer immediately fired and killed the closer of the two sentries and charged at the second who jumped back to the hideout. Without hesitation, the brave Officer charged at the hideout with only his buddy giving him the covering fire. The militants who numbered about twenty were shocked and came out to flee. He single handedly grappled with them and firing from barely two meters, killed four of them. Nevertheless, he was outnumbered and was hit on the face, chest and hand by terrorist’s bullets. Although unable to move, he called up his troop commander’s and directed them to hold fast and not to allow the terrorists to escape. He permitted his own evacuation after 35 minutes when the fire fight had stopped. Despite his profusely bleeding wounds, he continued to pass instructions to his troops on radio set and passed away holding it.Thus, Major Sudhir Walia displayed remarkable bravery beyond compare and made the supreme sacrifice in the highest traditions of the Indian Army. He was awarded Ashoka Chakra, posthumously.In memory of the valiant son of the School, the School Cock-House Trophy has been rechristened as ‘Sudhir Walia Trophy’.


    Captain Sanjeev Singh Jamwal, (School No. 494) of 13 Jak Rifles personally led the first assault on ‘Sangar’ on Point 5140 during the Kargil Operation. He single handedly killed three terrorists and was instrumental in the successful capture of Point 5140. Captain Sanjeev Singh Jamwal displayed remarkable leadership and boundless courage during the close quarter battle with the enemy and was awarded Vir Chakra.


    (a) Maj Virender Dhatwalia : Shaurya Chakra, Operation Rakshak (School .No. 91)

    (b) Lt Cdr Tilak Raj : Nau Sena Medal (School .No.119)

    (c) Maj Digvijay Singh Patial : Sena Medal, Operation Rakshak (School No. 107)

    (d) Maj Ravinder Singh : Sena Medal, Operation Meghdoot (School No. 197)

    (e) Maj. Anil Rana : Sena Medal, Operation Rakshak (School No. 81)

    (f) Capt Rakesh Madaan : Sena Medal

    Sainik School Tilaiya  (Jharkhand)

    More than 600 cadets have joined the arm forces and almost equal number of cadets are serving the nation through other service such as IAS, IPS, Medical, Engineering etc. Glimpses of a few notable achievements are given below for an insight into the output of this institution since its inception. Four of its cadets have received Shaurya Chakra and Vishisht Sewa Medals and one was awarded Commendation Certificate. A number of Tilaiyans have sacrificed their lives for the country. While Lt Shailesh Kumar sacrificed his life in the Operation Blue Star, Capt Major Kumar, Lt Rajesh Kumar and Lt Nibhay Kumar sacrificed their lives in the Operation Pawan. In Aug 1996, Major Ravi Ranjan Kumar was ambushed by the underground ultras in Nagaland and Major Ashutosh Kumar attained martyrdom while encountering the Kashmiri militants. Major Chandra Bhushan Dwivedi led the Tilaiyans in laying down his life during Operation Vijay to secure the nation from the intruders in the Kargil War.


    Mr Prakash Jha
    President Awardee Film Director
    Mr Manjul Kr Sinha
    Film & Documentry Director
    Justice Shivkriti Singh
    Justice, High Court Patna
      Mr Tripurari Saran 637 Director, Film Institue of India, Pune
    Maj Gen Brijesh Kumar
    Chief Engineer, Southern Command
    Maj General SP Sinha
    ADG OC, HQ, Weastern Command, Chandi Mandir, Chandigarh

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